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In-House Delivery

$20 Delivery Area

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Please select "Local Delivery" shipping option at checkout.

3SK In House Delivery Map-01.jpg

Outside $20 Delivery Area

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Please select "Outside Local Area Call for Price" shipping option at checkout.


You will be charged an initial $20 delivery fee at checkout. After you place your order, please call and we will calculate the additional cost to send your food in an Uber and add the additional charge to your order. Cost fluctuates by distance and time of day.

Uber Eats

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Approx. $0 to $5 Delivery

Due to the Uber's 30% commission fees, prices on this menu are increased compared to ordering through our website.

Estimated Uber Eats Delivery Area

The delivery area is based on travel time, not distance, so it fluctuates depending on factors like traffic.

3SK 3rd Party Delivery Map-01.jpg
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