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Do you know someone who loves making coffee at home? This is the perfect gift: delicious Fair Trade Organic coffee beans roasted in house, a cold brew kit to experiment with, and an aeropress coffee maker -- the simplest to use and BEST coffee making method available.


The aeropress is easy to use and clean, award-winning, way better than a French press, and way more versatile than an espresso machine. Read more about the aeropress below--we guarantee you will love it. The only downside to trying it is that you may no longer enjoy coffee made without an aeropress!


  • AeroPress Coffee Maker
  • 1/2 lb House-Roasted Coffee Beans, Fair Trade Organic (choice of roast)
  • Cold Brew Coffee Kit (makes 2L of coffee)


Packaged together in eco-friendly gift bags. Want to add a message? Write a personalized message in the order notes.


About AeroPress

The best way to make a coffee!  Easy to use and clean. Unlike a French press, the aeropress actually creates pressure - the perfect amount of pressure to extract the bean with optimal flavour profiles. You can even use the aeropress to make great espresso with perfect crema. The world-champion barista won the coffee making challenge with an Aeropress and says it's his favourite way to make coffee... If you love making coffee at home, this tool is a must-have.


Choose between 3 amazing beans:

Colombian Fair Trade Organic coffee beans, our house roast we use for espresso and coffee in the shop.

Ethiopian Fair Trade Organic coffee beans are have fruity notes of melon and blueberry - this is a special bean for connoisseurs.

Mexican Decaf Fair Trade Organic Beans are decaffeinated via swiss water process.


We roast the beans medium-dark... not too light that it's acidic, not too dark that it's oily & burnt... just right! 


Let us know if you would like the beans ground and we will grind freshly roasted beans before packaging them for you.

Home Barista

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